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Roll shutters (protective blinds), roulettes, shutters,
steel roll-up and sliding gates from RolMaster

Steel shutters and protective blinds

Old cast-iron or iron bars which were pretty easy to dismantle from windows, are becoming a history. They are being replaced by more representative, light and user-friendly protective items – roll shutters (protective blinds) and roulette shutters. Roulettes have an extremely long life, they don’t rust nor deform.

Creating space!

Wide roulette systems from RolMaster are the best and most efficient solution for markets and stores with the aim to use each square meter by the tenant as rationally as possible. Moreover, the shutters protect not only from break-in but also from UV rays, unwelcome glances, which makes the shutters irreplaceable in equipping cottages or country-houses.

Perforated roll shutters or roulettes

RolMaster’s exclusive trend is the manufacturing of roulette systems from steel perforated profiles 50-150mm high from a zinc-coated band 0,7-1,2 mm wide.

Перфорированные рольставни, роллеты. Защитные жалюзи.Рольставни (роллеты).Стальные рольставни.
Рулонные ворота, стальные ставни.Откатные ворота.Защитные жалюзи

Company profile

"RolMaster" is the first company in the Russian market that produces protective shutters or roulettes (protective blinds) from steel and steel perforated profile. Roll shutters (mainly aluminum) appeared in the Russian market at the end of the last century. RolMaster’s own experience coupled with 12 years of cooperation with the best western manufacturers has ensured the required basis for quality production of such user-friendly and reliable protecting constructions.
Among steel profile that we produce are the exclusive roll-up gates, sliding gates, protective blinds. All the "RolMaster" products are certified by relevant certificates and licenses.

Our company offers protective roll shutters which will not only keep your windows and shop windows clean and undamaged, help most efficiently use warehouse and work premises, but will turn to a unique part of the interior. Protective roll shutters may be selected in compliance with the overall style of the building, appropriate color and the like, so that everything possible is done to make sure that they become an organic element and not an outlandish detail.

RolMaster factory and branches are:

  • Roll shutters (roulettes) from the manufacturer.
  • Protective blinds.
  • Roll-up and sliding automatic gates.
  • Constructions to order, with height and width as requested by the client.
  • Exclusive and unique solutions of 120 colors.
  • Size of up to 13,8 meters wide and 8 meters high.
  • Individual approach to the client.
    Three profile groups: from window profiles (0,5м²) to super big (72,0м²) for malls.
  • Manufacturer: Up to 50% discounts for wholesales, flexible deadlines.
  • Warranty. 24-hour Service.
  • Chief assembling in the regions. Training and software maintenance.
Dealers are welcome to cooperate on very beneficial terms. From the most reliable deals we select regional representatives.
Moscow, (495) 790-8560, 743-2333
St. Petersburg, (812) 322-1106